Case Study

Mobile Application Development for a Regional Bank in Singapore

Optimum partnered with Large Regional Bank on their digital banking program in delivering multiple cells which
comprises of Digibank mobile App and internet banking solution. The scope of service included design, build, test
and implementation services in multi squad and multi-phase approach.

The solution


The major challenges were primarily categorized into two Data Distribution among different platforms of bank and
the corresponding performance issues:

  1. Data Distribution (e.g., Customer data – multiple systems such as Core-banking, TP systems and Client master for sourcing customer profile data)
    • Delays in timely availability of data
    • Huge challenges in keeping all data in synch.
    • Latency in providing near real-time data.
  2. Performance: Cause performance issues for low bandwidth markets
Services/Solutions Offered

Optimum developed and tested the application from designing the end to end to functional flow and integration
with the various systems of the bank.

Data Distribution
  • Aggregated single client master service for solving underlying platform challenges and behind scenes sourcing from multiple systems.
  • Implementation of Data strategy, Distribution and Availability for all critical data elements accessed by Mobile apps.
User Experience
  • Implementation of customer behavior features in addition to segments feature (e.g., High net-worth individual performing retail type of transactions)
  • Dynamic product bundling
  • Services deployed with Geo proximity for minimizing network hops and minimize latency.
  • In-Memory Data-Grid (IMDG) – in memory data grids to store frequently and actively accessed info via mobile app in memory data storge.
  • IMDG is distributed to ensure data is available in the node that is closest to that location.
  • Implementation of lazy commits : commit first to local store and slowly write-back to main DB store.

The Tech stack consisted of front-end ReactJs, Back end with Java microservices and developed and integrated the APIs. Optimum conducted Front to Back testing and validated the performance to make the application run seamlessly.

Benefits Realized

Application became ready to deploy within a period of 7 months.

Both I0S and Android applications were made ready with the agreed OS versions to work on various device screen sizes.

The app shows the account level view to option chains with detailed pricing and related information required for an end-to-end banking need of the various customer segments of the bank.